translate your words in any language through voice online

Today we are going to introduce you how you can translate your voice into any language you want. With this application we can very quickly translate Boise in a way that others can understand.

You can download this application Download from playstore and apple store. Although this type of application is available in many playstores, it is a different application from them and you get a lot of features from this application.


What makes this application unique is that you can accurately translate everything that is being said using this application. You can translate any type of language through this app.

Also search for this app on Playstore to Download this app on your phone. Then install this application which appears first.

After installing and opening it you can select any language you want. We can see this application in various languages ​​in which you have to choose the language you want.

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Features of Live Trnascribe Application

  • Support Real-time voice transcription.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • Sound Notification.
  • Get notification with vibration or flashing light.
  • Timeline view system for 12 hours.
  • Support in Android 5.0 and above versions.

As you are downloading Evadation, first of all search for the application in playstore. Or you can download this application from this link given here Download App. After downloading you can use this application once you open it.